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Gali is the representative of the MELT® Method in Israel! The MELT® Method (MELT®) is a revolutionary proactive technique that helps you stay healthy, youthful and active. The technique treats a system of the body that most people never heard before; The Connective Tissue System. By using the MELT® technique you can get the benefits of living a pain free life, having better posture, improving mobility and range of motion, improving sports performance and slow down the aging process.

MELT® Method is a Patent Technique and a trademark, created by Sue Hitzmann, an Exercise Physiologist and Manual Therapist.

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Gali's Biography

After 17 years of experience in the field of physical fitness and movement in both Israel and the US, Gali discovered the key to a happy and energetic life through the MELT® Method.

Gali learned the MELT® Method from 2005-2008 with the creator of MELT®, Sue Hitzmann and became a MELT® practitioner.
Today, Gali puts her extensive experience into practice and teaches her clients to cope with challenges and achieve great results.

Gali integrates her experience as a teacher, trainer and physical rehabilitation provider with the goal of helping clients embrace a healthy, active and painless lifestyle by bringing the MELT® Method to Israel. Gali is the only MELT® Practitioner in Israel.

When and where?

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